The Burlingames

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Two In One Day

by Dave

I have several stops near the Northtown Mall for work. On my way to one of them, I was shocked to see a car on my side of the road. This person didn’t simply drift across the center line because there was no center line; there was a median dividing the two eastbound lanes from the westbound. This was my second bad driver encounter of the day.

I’m actually quite surprised that I don’t see more stupidity on the road. One thing that helps is my primary area includes an industrial area with very little car traffic. Not surprisingly, the drivers seem to get dumber the closer I get to the mall. Oh well.


by Dave

I just got back from the post office and on my way home I spotted yet another stupid driver. He stopped at the red light I was also approaching and then proceeded to turn left through the red. And, before you ask, it was not a one-way street. I wonder if he thinks lights work like stop signs. Moron.

Goodbye Christmas

by Dave

January is flying by and it’s about time to shut down the Christmas Letter. We’ve already taken down our tree and the apartment is back to normal. Time for the last remnants of the holiday season to be put away for another year. This is just a heads up; the Christmas Letter page will be disappearing on the 15th. Thanks for checking it out.