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by Megan

Please pray for my job situation. Here’s the “scoop”…

I work for an agency called CESA #11 in Wisconsin. When school districts have student(s) with a hearing loss that is affecting their academics, the districts contact CESA for a DHH (deaf/hard of hearing) teacher to come work with the student(s). Often times we work in multiple districts, in the past I’ve been in as many as 6 school districts, currently I’m just in 2 districts. This year, the two districts that I serve have withdrawn from CESA services which means effective June 30th I will be laid off from CESA. Ellsworth, one of my districts, is planning to hire their own DHH teacher and contract services with Prescott, my other district. I have applied for the teaching position with Ellsworth. As of right now, I am the only applicant for the position. I will not hear anything from the district until the position closes on Friday, May 4th.

Pray that the district will find favor in me, my teaching skills and my abilities to provide student success.


New work schedule…

by Dave

Yesterday, Dave and I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to decide what we wanted his new work schedule to be at FedEx. Things are currently light and rather than laying off/firing people they are reducing hours and changing some routes around. At first I was a bit apprehensive about his new schedule, but I think it will work out in our favor and now I’m getting more excited about it.

Dave’s new schedule…Tuesday – Saturday – 10:15-6:30pm, with Sunday and Monday off.

He believes his Saturday route will end a bit earlier, maybe early afternoon. He’s looking forward to having Mondays off, now he can schedule appointments on his day off rather than trying to make them all for 8am and hope he’s done in time for work or use a personal day. He plans to either keep the boys home with him or send them to daycare for a few hours. We’ll have our evenings together.

At first I wasn’t real excited about him working on Saturdays but if he happens to get done earlier, we’ll still get some time together. I’m also excited about having more time with him in the evenings. Right now he gets home between 8:15-9pm and he basically eats, plays with Eli for a few minutes, one of us puts Eli to bed and then I go to bed. Such an exciting time.

Needless to say, I’m getting more pumped about his new schedule. I’m sure it will dawn on him several times over the next few days that he has 3 days off right now being as his new schedule starts on Monday and he doesn’t work Mondays anymore. ;-)

Getting Busier

by Dave

Today was a great day. Not only did my long-awaited amp arrive, but I also accepted an upgrade at work to move to full time (I’m currently working part time). I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to work full time for several reasons. I’ve greatly enjoyed hanging out with Eli during the day and it’s been good to only have to pay for a couple hours of daycare each day. On the other hand, it’s getting trickier to spend money on making the necessary repairs to the house, not to mention the upgrades we’d like to make when the funds become available.

One interesting thing about being part time at FedEx is I could always say no if they asked me to come in a few hours early or need help during the busy times. As a full time employee, they now own me. If there aren’t enough volunteers to cover extra work (there usually are, so it’s mostly a non-issue), they go down a seniority list and assign people to do things. It’s not a big deal, but something to consider.

Another reason to take this chance is the relative rarity of it, especially given the state of the economy. I’ve been at FedEx for nearly 2.5 years and only in the last several months have any full time positions become available to part-timers. Who knows how long it would be before I got another chance.

I’m glad for the opportunity. I started at FedEx thinking of it as a stopgap job while waiting for another design gig. I’ve been there almost 2.5 years and I’m not in any hurry to go somewhere else. Honestly, I don’t really miss design all that much. Who knows: maybe I’ll work my way up the chain at FedEx and do something besides being a courier with them. They hire almost exclusively from within, so there’s definitely a chance. Perhaps I’ll learn some valuable skills along the way that will help me achieve my ultimate dream of owning a guitar store. We’ll see.

Santa Drives a Fire Truck

by Dave

I was driving through Fridley today for work and saw a fire truck ahead of me. It didn’t take long to catch up as the truck was only going about 20 mph. As I closed in on the fire truck, I was a bit confused by what I saw. The truck was a ladder truck that appeared to have small lights all over it. It also looked like there was a person standing on top of it. I couldn’t get close enough to clearly make things out as there were several cars between me and the fire truck.

Finally, the fire truck turned a corner and my suspicions were confirmed; the ladder was decorated with Christmas lights and there was a guy dressed up as Santa standing the bucket of the ladder. He was just standing up there, waving to the oncoming cars. I’m not sure if that’s some sort of rookie hazing or just something weird the Fridley fire department likes to do when it snows. Either way, it was certainly interesting.

Long Day

by Dave

To say I’m tired would be a gross understatement. Work was busy today, so I was called in early to help with deliveries. I drove around Shoreview, Lino Lakes and Circle Pines. After my lunch break I did my normal night route in Fridley and Spring Lake Park. I had a lot more stops than usual and definitely a lot more packages. All that added up to me hanging out in my area way too long: long enough that I wouldn’t have made it back to my station in time to get my freight on the truck headed to the airport. So, I headed off directly to the airport.

After off-loading everything I drove back to the station in White Bear Lake. I saw way too much of the metro today: 135 miles of roads. I started this morning about 10:30 and finished this evening around 9:30. And I’m gonna do it again tomorrow. Hopefully I’m not so busy that I need go to the airport again. That’s always so time consuming.